Margaret Soltan in Poets and Writers Magazine

The debates about Massive Open Online Courses continues, and Professor Margaret Soltan continues to be sought after for her thoughts on the subject.  She was recently featured talking about her Poetry MOOC in Poets and Writers Magazine: 

Soltan, who teaches a course through Udemy titled Poetry: What It Is, and How to Understand It, says that MOOCs can offer information about literature and writing to people who may not otherwise have access to it.
“The thing about MOOCs is that they reach a large general public,” Soltan says. She notes that a significant number of students in her course live outside the United States. “It’s so gratifying to hear from people in China who say they are grateful that this exists, that they can learn about poetry from a native English speaker.”
Read the whole story here.  And on campus, you can sign up to take Margaret Soltan’s James Joyce course, which starts this week!

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