Scenes from a Welcome Reception

Welcome to Fall Semester 2013!  On the Sunday before classes, members of the GW Faculty gathered at Department Chair Robert McRuer’s building downtown to kick things off and to welcome our new members: Professors Ayanna Thompson, David Mitchell, Jennifer Chang, and our Jenny McKean Moore Writer-in-Residence Molly McCloskey.

Director of Creative Writing Professor Lisa Page
and Jenny McKean Moore Writer-in-Residence Molly McCloskey
Professor Tony López, Professor Jonathan Hsy, Colin Warner

Senior Secretary Linda Terry
Professor David Mitchell
Professor Jennifer Chang, Professor Gayle Wald,
Professor Ayanna Thompson, Derek Thompson
Professor Pati Griffith and Professor Faye Moskowitz
Professor Tony López, Professor Holly Dugan, and Maria

Professor Jeffrey Cohen and Department Operations Manager
Connie Kibler
Professor Maria Frawley, Jack Moskowitz, and
Professor Jennifer Green-Lewis
Professor Daniel DeWispelare
The sunset was rather stunning.
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Cohen
Your Hosts: Department Chair Robert McRuer
and Cristhian Soto-Arévalo
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsy
There was no swimming.  Photo Credit: Alexa Alice Joubin

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