Meet Our Alumni: Jennifer Cheng

Meet our first Alumni Spotlight of the year: Jennifer Cheng! Jennifer studies English because it feels like a way for her to connect with people and stories she would otherwise be unable to access, thereby helping her connect more meaningfully with those around her. 

Jennifer Cheng received her Masters in Teaching through the NYU Teacher Residency Program, and she currently teaches 10th grade English at the International School here in DC. Jennifer was drawn to the International School because of the emphasis placed on social justice and diversity and her own focus on minority literature. She finds herself wearing many hats as a teacher in the middle of a pandemic, and though her job is rewarding, she also describes it as emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging. 

When asked if she has any advice for current undergraduates, Jennifer responded, “Try things. Take classes you’re curious about, travel to different places, and enjoy your time with friends. I worried so much about choosing the right classes and being prepared for the future, but I think that in my professional life, I’ve used all of my experiences — academic and social — to inform my practice and build meaningful connections with those around me.”

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