Policy on Transfer of Credits for English Majors

The following policy about transfer of course credit for English majors goes into effect in the fall semester of 2009. The thinking behind the new rule is simple: taking an upper division English literature course at a local community college is likely not the same as taking an upper division English literature course at GW.

Please note that this new policy has no impact on the number of courses you can transfer for GW credit outside of requirements for the major, and does not impact study abroad.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


The English Department of the George Washington University believes that a well educated major is intimately familiar with the department’s courses and its faculty. All upper-division English classes must therefore be taken at GW for credit in the major, with the exception of coursework taken at a consortium university or approved study abroad.

This rule applies to summer classes (except those taken abroad), and applies to transfer students only after they enroll at GW.

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