Screening Shakespeare

We are pleased to announce the publication of Alexa Alice Joubin‘s online textbook Screening Shakespeare, just in time for the new academic year! The openly-licensed learning modules in the book cover key concepts of film studies, such as mise-en-scènecinematographysound and music, and film theory
For example, learn more about film adaptations of literature. Adaptations are in dialogue with pressing social issues of our times and with history. When there are multiple adaptations of the same story, these adaptations form a network of cross-references and enter into intriguing conversations with one another.

     Written by Alexa Alice Joubin, the interactive textbook was co-designed by Joubin and Seth Blackburn (a former student in GW Coders and now an alumnus) in consultation with instructional designers Cirstabel Ocasio Ilarraza and Noah Bickford of the George Washington University’s Instructional Core, a team within the Libraries and Academic Innovation.

     This website is supported directly by the George Washington University Adapting Course Materials for Equity Faculty Grant and indirectly by the Online Course Development grant. These grants enabled Joubin and her team to create an openly licensed, open-access, online textbook with interactive learning modules.

     All are welcome to use the open-access online textbook to learn more about filmmaking. 

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