Senior Spotlight: Hailey Katzenberger

Meet this week’s GW English Senior Spotlight: Hailey Katzenberger from Oceanport, New Jersey! 

Hailey will be working as a paralegal assistant in a corporate law firm here in DC after she graduates in December. She loves English classes, her thesis, and her current internship! 

At GW, Hailey took several of Prof. Alexa Alice Joubin‘s classes on critical theory, Shakespeare, race, and gender, which inspired her to apply to become Professor Joubin’s research assistant on a book project.

When interviewed by the law firm, Hailey’s research assistantship experience stood out to her employers. Skills she cultivated as an English major and doing independent research, such as the ability to parse complex texts and collate information, are highly relevant for the legal profession. 

Hailey currently uses her English skills to draft court reports during her internship at Court Appointed Special Advocates in Washington, D.C.

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