Shakespeare in the Mediterranean: Summer 2015

Shakespeare never traveled beyond England, but the Mediterranean, especially Italy, inhabited his imagination and that of his audience.
Venetian Canals

Dubrovnik from the hills
This is your opportunity to travel in his stead. Make the voyage to Venice and read Othello and the Merchant of Venice along its canals; journey to Verona and read about star crossed young lovers in Romeo and Juliet; cross the Mediterranean to the magical sea coast of Illyria and read Twelfth Night in Dubrovnik.  

Come to the Mediterranean this summer with Professors Suzanne Miller (History) and Katherine Keller (English) and read these Shakespeare works and others.  We will also read historical documents and works Shakespeare might have read–traveler’s tales, romances from Italy, conduct books such as Castiglione’s The Courtier–to see how his understanding of contemporary Italy informed Shakespeare’s plays.

For more information, visit GW’s study abroad website here. Or contact us directly: Professor Miller ( or Professor Keller (        

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