Due to popular demand, we are bringing T-SHIRT DAY back!

Let it be known that Wednesday April 28, 2010, aka the last day of regular classes for the spring 2010 semester, will be our second annual T Shirt Day. Click here for an overexposed photograph of a few of the department’s best-looking faculty, staff, and students sporting their T shirts in ’09.

Directions for participation are as follows:

1. Purchase the official GW English T shirt via Zazzle. Although you have the option of customizing, the preferred color is black. All profits made from the sale of these shirts support activities for majors, such as future T-Shirt Days (an endless loop).

2. Keep your T shirt neatly folded and safe. This will be easy, because the cotton is rather stiff. Wait patiently for April 28, 2010.

3. On T Shirt Day wear your GW English T Shirt proudly. Remember: by supporting T Shirt Day, you are also demonstrating your impeccable taste. Don’t be surprised when strangers stop you on the street excited to know where you got your T shirt.

4. Treasure your souvenir of what may turn out to be the very best day of your life.** (For seniors, there might be a grain of truth in this.) Consider passing it along to your children, so that they too can someday participate in T Shirt Day.

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** p.s. Embarrassing as it is, I STILL have my college English major T shirt. It says “We’re going for broke”–a joke that no one has ever seemed to understand. While you can take comfort knowing that the lame “What are you going to do with an English major?” question is as old as the hills (we know better!), you can also rest assured that “We are prose” is far more clever and will not evoke curious stares.

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