T-Shirt Thursday April 2: DO NOT BE LEFT OUT

Remember in High School when people gathered in groups that excluded you?

Don’t let that happen again.

The English Department is BOWING TO THE DEMANDS of its majors (specifically to an agitated group of upperclasspeople whom we very much like) and declaring that Thursday April 2 2009 will be our first “T-Shirt Thursday.” Directions for participation are as follows:

  1. Purchase the official GW English T shirt via Zazzle. Although you have the option of customizing, the preferred color is (for obvious reasons) black. All profits made from the sale of these shirts support activities for majors, such as future T-Shirt Thursdays (an endless loop).
  2. Keep your T-shirt neatly folded and safe. Wait patiently for April 2, 2009.
  3. On “T-Shirt Thursday,” wear your GW English T-Shirt. Maintain an attitude of aloof superiority. Speak to no one who is not wearing such a shirt. Attend the Art Spiegelman presentation at the Jack Morton Auditorium at 8 PM. He is a nervous man: freak him out by creating a sea of black with “GW ENGLISH” afloat upon its waves.
  4. Treasure your souvenir of what may turn out to be the very best day of your life. Consider passing it along to your children, so that they too can someday participate in “T-Shirt Thursday.”

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