Undergrads: Some Courses to Consider for SPRING

I know that all of you have already registered for your spring courses … but if you are not quite happy with (say) that boring class in international relations that you signed up for because you thought it would enable you to relate internationally, here are some great ENGLISH DEPARTMENT courses seeking students:

171W.10 Willa Cather (Ann Romines) A terrific course on an important American novelist taught by the foremost Cather scholar in the United States. Monday Wednesday 12.45-2

172.10 Central European Modernism (Robert Ganz) Having taught at GW since the 1960s, Ganz is a legend. This is a new course for him, and is internationally focused. MW 2.20-3.35

172.MV 20th Century British Poetry (Jennifer Green-Lewis) Prof. Green-Lewis just published an important book on literature and beauty. This is a terrific course that will especially appeal to any aspiring poet. TR 1-2.15

184.10 Literature of Black America II TR 4.45-6 and 185.10 Topics-Afr Amer Lit Studies TR 12.45-2 (Jennifer James). Not only is Professor James an excellent teacher, these two courses in African American literature arrive at the perfect time: our department’s focus is heavily in this important area, with the arrival of Edward P. Jones and the attendant hoopla.

187W.10 Asian American Literature (Patty Chu) MW 12.45-2. Most of you know Professor Chu as our sympathetic and outstanding Director of Undergraduate Advising. This course in her field of expertise will show you what a great teacher she is as well.

Every one of these courses is open to anyone who would like to enroll, regardless of major.

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