A Reading List from Nadeem Aslam

To commemorate our GW-British Council Writer in Residence, the British Council is generously providing a substantial book fund. Nadeem Aslam has drawn up a list of contemporary British fiction he would like to see in the Gelman Library purchased through this fund. Here it is:

Haunts of the Black Masseur – Charles Sprawson
Redundancy of Courage – Timothy Mo
John Berger – And Our Faces My Heart Brief as Photos + Once in Europa
Pat Barker – Ghost Road
Candia McWillian – Debatable Land
Holinghurst – Folding Star
Colm Toibin – Blackwater Lightship
Amit Chaudhuri – Freedom Song
Bruce Chatwin – Utz + On the Black Hill
Romesh Gunesekra – Reef
Mohsin Hamid – Moth Smoke
D H Lawrence – Twilight in Italy + Sea and Sardinia
Ian McEwan – The Cement Garden
Naipaul – A House for Mr Biswas + A Bend in the River + The Engma of arrival
Fermor – A Time to Keep Silence
Sebastain Barry – A Long Long Way
Geoff Dyer – The Ongoing Moment + Missing of the Somme + Yoga for People who Can’t bt Bothered to do it.
Roddy Doyle – Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
Sarah Hall – The Electric Michelangelo
Kamila Shamise – A City by the Sea
William Fiennes – Snow Geese
Ali Smith – Hotel world
Ben Rice – Pobby and Dingan
Sarfraz Manzoor – Greetings from Bury Park
Winterson – The Passion
David Mitchell – Ghostwritten + Number9Dream + Black Swan Green
Hanif Kuraeshi – Buddha of Suburbia
Although we will not be able to purchase all these books, the fund will enable a significant increase to our collections … and will ensure that the GW-British Council Writer in Residence leaves an enduring and material imprint.

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