A special thanks to our benefactors

The GW English Department would like to thank the following benefactors for their generous support this year:

  • Jenny Anne Burkholder (class of 1993)
  • Ross A. Cherry and Catherine L. Omerod (class of 1980)
  • Christine A. Coleman (class of 1991)
  • Dr. Richard M. Flynn (class of 1987)
  • Michal Fromer Mufson (class of 2003)
  • Mr and Mrs James R. Lothian
  • Dr. Gail Orgelfinger (class of 1972)
  • Jeanne Marie Rose (class of 1995)
  • Robert Jeffrey Schreiber (class of 1993)
  • Laura Ann Springer (class of 1997)
  • Jennifer Lyman Wagner (class of 1990)

The generosity of our alumni, parents of students, and friends improves every aspect of our departmental life. This year we have used donor money to send an undergraduate to his first academic conference; to hold a panel where English majors could converse with their professors about the most exciting research being conducted in literary studies; to assist scholars in securing the images and pay the copyright fees necessary for their books; to host a month-long residency of the renown novelist Nadeem Aslam; to give our graduate students and professors some help in getting to the archives they need for their research; to host readings, plays, and other cultural events open to all.

Thank you!

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