Another Poetry Prize

In early April we’ll be awarding the prestigious Academy of American Poets College Prize to a G.W. student. Thanks to grants from the Jenny McKean Moore Fund for Writers and Columbian College in 1990, G.W. was able to join the influential Academy, founded in 1934 to support American poets and their work. In doing so, we became eligible to award an annual $100 prize–which we’ve named in memory of our colleague A.E. Claeyssens–for the best original student poem or group of poems.

When the college prizes were first offered in 1955, ten schools gave them out. Today some 180 colleges and universities participate. Many American poets won their first recognition with an Academy College Poetry Prize (Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck, James Merrill, among them…along with some of us on the staff here.) Every five years the Academy publishes and distributes an anthology of selected prize-winning poems.

Faculty poets will judge the contest in early April.

Any undergraduate interested in competing for the Academy of American Poets Prize should submit the following to Jane Shore via the English Department, Rome Hall, by noon on Thursday, April 2:

1) 7 pages of original poetry (three clear copies of the manuscript, single-spaced, no more than one poem on a page;)

2) a single separate cover sheet bearing your name, address, e-mail address, local and/or cell phone number(s), class major. None of this information should appear on the poems themselves.

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