Blogging from Jewish Literature Live


The blog has been going through a lot of changes lately, but one part (or person) of it remains the same. Tess Malone, your trusty Communications Liaison Intern, is still here. I am eager to spend another semester interviewing your favorite professors and attending exciting events on campus and throughout DC. However, even I cannot resist the forces of change. Besides my usual updates on happenings of our ever amazing faculty and students, I will be blogging personally about one of the department’s most unique courses, Jewish Literature Live.

Thanks to the generosity of alumnus David Bruce Smith, about 20 students get to read contemporary Jewish literature and then actually meet the authors. Taught by the wonderful Faye Moskowitz, the course is like no other. Even if you are not part of the course, you can still benefit from it. I will be blogging specifically about JLL: our readings, our meetings with the authors,and author readings. Despite how I seem to have a history of embarrassing myself in front of authors (Michael Chabon has been victim to two of my ridiculous questions at book signings at GW), I look forward to the class and posting about it.

With this course, as well as two other great English courses, I will be around the department a lot. Now that you know what I look like, feel free to say hi. I do not bite, although the puppy in this photo might. He is an American Bulldog named Gatsby (yet another testament to how nerdy I am). Looking forward to blogging again!

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