English and Honors Students to Hold Public Symposium December 10

The 1992 film Basic Instinct and many
other cultural texts and issues will
be discussed

Professor Robert McRuer taught two courses in the interdisciplinary field lgbt studies this fall, and students in both classes will be coming together on Saturday, December 10, to present their work-in-progress.  Students from both “Transnational Queer Film Studies and LGBTQ Cultures” (English 3980) and “Intro to LGBT Studies” (Honors 2053) will be presenting at this event, which is free and open to the public.  English 3980 is held every fall; this was the eighth instantiation of the class.  It is simultaneously taught in Prague to students from the Czech Republic (and across Europe) by Professor Kateřina Kolářová of the Charles University Gender Studies Program.  For one week each November, Professor McRuer’s students travel to Prague to meet their counterparts and to attend together the Mezipatra Queer Film Festival (Mezipatra means “mezzanine” in Czech, signifying a place in-between, in the middle).  This course is offered in partnership with the Short-Term Study Abroad Program. Honors 2053 fulfills a Humanities requirement for the Honors Program; this Fall 2016 was one of the first courses that the program has offered in LGBT Studies.  Students in Honors 2053 read and viewed a range of material connected to Queer Origins, Queer Spaces, and Queer Bodies.

Students in both classes invite you to attend this public symposium highlighting their work-in-progress.  Three sessions will be held Saturday, December 10, in Phillips Hall 412 (the Dean’s Conference Room), from 11:30 AM-5 PM.  The schedule is below.  Come out and support this innovative student work and this unique collaboration between English and Honors.

GW LGBT Studies Symposium

11:30AM-12:45 PM Class Acts: Queer Performance and Its Discontents

Anna Sorensen, “It Gets Better? Music and Queer Critique”

Daniel Morris, “Queer Time and Space for Rent: Exploring Neoliberal Narratives within Jonathan Larson’s Musical”

Ann Marie Kernen, “A Class Analysis of Blue Is the Warmest Color

Abigail Brook, “Dark Matter: Performing Queer Resistance”

12:45 PM-2 PM BREAK

2:00-3:15 PM Queer Values, Queer Icons

Samantha Lemieux, “Harvesting Anti-Queer Sentiments: Exported Values and Public Policy in Uganda”

Amelia Speight, “Queerly Beloved: Abject Nothingness in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Sarah Fannon, “Bisexual Instinct: In Defense of the Femme Fatale”

Eliza Goren, “Caitlyn Jenner: An Unattainable Icon for the Transgender Community”

3:30-4:45 PM Cultural Locations of Queer Relations

Karli Ring, “Unraveling the Paths of Queer Friendship as Portrayed in Film”

Madison Haley, “Queering the Catholic Church”

Jacob Pavlik, “Gentrified Feelings: Happiness and Affective Spatial (Dis)Comfort”

Emily Gray, “Back to School: A Swedish Experiment in Gender-Neutral Education”

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