Final Edward P. Jones Event: April 22, and Just for YOU

The parade of Pulitzers passing through the Jack Morton Auditorium has been great: Edward P. Jones at his inaugural reading, Michael Chabon, Art Spiegelman. We love that 300 people could fill the seats of that vast space and attend these talks. That these were standing room only made us all the more pleased that we could bring these authors to so many people.

But we also love to do things for a smaller (and to us) more important community, the students and friends of the GW English Department. For this reason we have decided that the FINAL EDWARD P. JONES READING AT GW will be held not in some vast auditorium, but a more intimate venue … and that the event will be for that smaller community we’re talking about.

So come hear Edward P. Jones read from his short stories on Wednesday April 22 at 5 PM in Phillips 411. Don’t tell your friends. It’ll be just us and Edward.
Because, you know, we do all this for you.

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