Grad Students Debut New Journal

A group of English graduate students has just announced the debut of a new online open-access journal Prefix. The journal has a clean, sleek look and a cool logo (see above). According to its mission statement, Prefix provides an open forum for graduate student work, including work-in-progress, and encourages reader interaction with its postings. It publishes peer-reviewed articles, essays, creative work (including poetry, fiction, art, photography, and music), and reviews, as well as “meditations, grievances, reveries, and announcements.”

The journal has 5 evocatively titled sections: Multiplicities (for scholarly articles), Pork Chops and Jouissance (for “musings”), On the Couch (for faculty/student interviews), Wunderground (creative work) and -Ings (for announcements). The editorial board includes Ph.D. students Jennifer Cho, Marilena Zackheos, and Theodora Danylevich, and the debut issue includes work by Lowell Duckert, Julia McCrossin, and Elizabeth Pittman.
To submit work, you first have to register, and then upload your document. Would it be too corny to say that we hope that Prefix becomes a frontrunner in its field?

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