Our graduating English majors do amazing things

[Last update May 14, 2010]


…. stay at GW for the English Department’s BA/MA program (Laura Feigin) or to attend GW Law School (Amanda Heerwig)
…. get a grant to make art in Paris (Anya Firestone)
…. work as a legal assistant in a small energy firm in Dupont Circle as a prelude to law school (Sean Mooney)
…. do Teach for America in Baltimore (Meg Wexler) while getting an MA in Ed from Johns Hopkins) (Cecilia Blute)
…. take a 3-week geography course in Morocco, followed by backpacking through Southeast Asia for a few months, while blogging about it all (Crystal Bae)
… attend the University of Chicago for an MA in humanities (Emma Martin) and at the New School in New York for an MA in Liberal Studies (Emily Anderson)
…. work towards their MA from GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development, with the goal of teaching high school English (Jessica Yager)
…. take their English minor to graduate school in biomedical sciences for a year, en route to medical school. (“Having an English background has really helped me stand out among the competition, and especially helped with writing and researching proposals in biology,” says Alexis Cates.)
…. work on an MA in English literature at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (Sasha Moss)
…. embark upon an MA/MS in English and book publishing at Portland State University (Kathryn Cusma)

…. work at GW Law School as the Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs in the Dean’s Office (Alexis McClellan)
…. love DC so much that they will work here before moving on to law school (Candace Shang) or graduate school in English or creative writing (Chelsea Kerwin)
…. enroll at Rutger’s-Newark for an MFA in Creative Writing (Elizabeth Lothian)
…. attend Vanderbilt University for an M.Ed. in secondary education, en route to a career as a high school English Teacher (Katie Riley)
…. study for a law degree at NYU (Darci Frinquelli)
…. go to Brandies University for a Masters of Public Policy (Amy Glynn)
…. move to Birmingham, Alabama to work at a non-profit called Impact Alabama (Carolyn Kerchof)
…. work part-time in Philadelphia while volunteering at a grandfather’s nursing home, with an eye toward applying for MFA programs for fiction writing in the fall (Colleen McKenna)
… head off to the New Jersey Institute of Technology to study architecture (Tarek Al Hariri)
… work at United Press International (UPI) as their Content Optimization Specialist (Kaitlin Vignali)

We wish everyone luck and urge you to keep in touch! Seniors who haven’t contacted the department can still update us on your post-GW plans. Just email gwald@gwu.edu.

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