Poets Will Support Musicians at the 24 Hour Protest Concert

This Friday, April 16, students and alumni of the Music Department will be protesting recent budget cuts in the department with a 24 hour concert.  The concert begins at 4:30pm on Thursday, 4/15 at Kogan Plaza and will continue until 4:30pm on Friday, 4/16.  Performances will include alumni bands and student groups, as well as creative writing students from the English Department.

The Victorian art critic Walter Pater explained that “all arts aspire to the condition of music.”  The student poets in Professor Chang’s 2470 course agree wholeheartedly, and in support of campus musicians, music faculty and students, and in support of the arts at GW, they composed two centos out of favorite lines of music collected from the community.  Centos are collage poems made out of lines from other poems. On Friday morning, from 9:30-10:15am, we’ll share these centos, as well as other poems that aspire to the condition of music.  Please come support the poets and the musicians and all of the arts at GW.

Here is more information about the 24 Hour Protest Concert. And here’s an article from Culture Editor Jeanine Marie in The Hatchet.

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