Still room in the Filardi and Jones courses … plus the hint of a Big Announcement

If you have not yet applied for the screenwriting course with megasuccessful writer/producer Jason Filardi or the fiction course with Pulitzer-prize winning novelist Edward P. Jones, it is not too late — but please apply immediately! The form for these sections of 182 can be found here.

We need your completed application as soon as possible because we’ll be making a decision very soon. If you don’t take the Edward P. Jones course and are eligible to do so … well, what are you thinking? The man has a Pulitzer prize. The Known World is one of the best novels this department chair has ever read. He is a kind, generous, and dedicated teacher. You will never have a chance like this again. Also, you will learn in the next few weeks why your being in the class will make most of your GW classmates extremely jealous: let me just say that a Campus Wide Read on a scale never attempted at this university and many attendant festivities are soon to be announced…

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