Vaddey Ratner Reading Tomorrow

Vaddey Ratner Reading

February 12th
7:30 PM
Honors Townhouse 
(714 21st St NW)
Author of the New York Times bestselling novel In the Shadow of the Banyan, Vaddey Ratner will be giving a reading at George Washington University TOMORROW! 

“Full of beauty, even joy. . . What is remarkable, and honorable, here is the absence of anger, and the capacity—seemingly infinite—for empathy.”

      —Ligaya Mishan, New York Times Book Review

“The humanity. . . shines through. . . in the author’s depiction of a pure, unbroken love between daughter and father and in Ms. Ratner’s portraits of the human will to survive.”
      —Howard French, The Wall Street Journal

A Little Background on Ratner:

“Vaddey Ratner was five years old when the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975. After four years, having endured forced labor, starvation, and near execution, she and her mother escaped while many of her family members perished. In 1981, she arrived in the U.S. as a refugee not knowing English and, in 1990, went on to graduate as her high school class valedictorian. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Cornell University, where she specialized in Southeast Asian history and literature. In recent years she traveled and lived in Cambodia and Southeast Asia, writing and researching, which culminated in her debut novel, In the Shadow of the Banyan. The New York Times bestselling novel is being translated into fifteen languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese. Vaddey lives in Potomac, Maryland.”

Learn more about Ratner on her website!

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