On the Road: Prof. Kavita Daiya in Mumbai

This is the inaugural post of On the Road, an occasional blog series about GW English Professors and their scholarly travel. In an age of Skype and video conferencing, travel to conferences or to other institutions remains an important way for scholars to share their work and learn about what their colleagues elsewhere are doing and thinking.

This academic year alone, GW faculty have traveled to England, Portugal, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Spain to share their research. And also to less exotic but equally wonderful places like Los Angeles, New York, and Ann Arbor.

Here’s Prof. Kavita Daiy’s account of presenting her research in India recently:
I gave an invited lecture at the University of Mumbai on Dec 20, 2010 titled “The 1947 Partition, Gender and the Postcolonial Public Sphere in South Asian Literature.”  I was invited by the interdisciplinary Group for Research on the Indian Diaspora (GRID) and the English department of the University of Mumbai
It was quite an honor: I was welcomed with flowers, and there were more than fifty attendees (including faculty from English, Philosophy, French, Sociology). A great Q&A as well as a lavish reception followed!

 Would that those attending the annual MLA Conference got flowers!

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