‘Key Things’ Blog Series

The Centre for Early Modern Studies is looking to commission twelve short pieces for this year’s postgraduate blog series. Each piece will be paid, of around a thousand words in length, and – in a material turn for 2021/22 – take a single object or ‘key thing’ as both its title and point of departure.

Centre for Early Modern Studies (CEMS)
London Shakespeare Centre 
King’s College London

The CEMS successfully commissioned and published twenty-eight fascinating contributions to Keywords last year. 

     The current series seeks to explore the complex relationships that exist between beings and things in the world, and some of the ways in which these (and the objects themselves) shift and change through time in different historical contexts. Participants are free – indeed, encouraged – to interpret the parameters of the task in the manner that best befits their current research interests. As with Keywords last year, we hope that in issuing a call across the varied disciplines of the Arts and Humanities we can locate new and diverse points of connection within early modern studies.

     If you’re interested in being involved, or have any questions, please do get in touch via the CEMS email address (cems@kcl.ac.uk) before 5pm (GMT) on Friday 5 November 2021. We ask that you include your department, current level of study, a proposed ‘key thing’ , and a brief summary of your research. The release of the series will be phased over the second and third semesters, with the first post scheduled for mid-January 2022.

This is a cat in a textbook.

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