Visiting Speakers: Cameron LeBrun & Joey Garber

    In early December, alumni Cameron LeBrun and Joey Garber dropped in on Professor Annie Liontas’ Nonfiction Workshop. The GW graduates collaborated on their new and innovative podcast Double Feature: Hear Me & Drinking with Ghosts. The 11-episode podcast is a humorous and fresh take on “true” crime, that investigates the murder of Alaska Curtis from two vastly different perspectives. Cameron Lebrun, head writer & director of “The Ghost Factory” said of the discussion and the podcast, “Annie was once my professor and a mentor for my writing, so it was really great to visit her class and talk about our program. Double Feature: Hear Me & Drinking With Ghosts is a fictional “true” crime narrative– it’s a podcast designed to be dramatic and gripping and go beyond the typical bounds of a podcast experience. It’s a tv show you can listen to while doing laundry or walking to work or class; alternatively, it’s an audiobook with original music, a vibrant voice cast, and atmospheric sound effects. It was great to bring the podcast to Annie’s class, and I was delighted by how engaged, thoughtful, and intelligent the students were. It was a truly lovely experience.” Cameron and Joey inspired Professor Liontas’ class with their creativity and humor. Current student Ben Krauss said of the discussion “Joey and Cameron are funny and talented artists! It was really inspiring to see GWU students continue to be creative and entrepreneurial after their graduation.” Joey Garber and Cameron LeBrun’s visit was a valuable experience that showed the students of Professor Liontas’ class the various creative opportunities post-graduation.

Article by Leila Wargotz B.A. English ‘23

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