Why and How to Become an English Major: March 3!

This announcement went out via the Thurston Hall listerv, but anyone who is interested in declaring an English major or minor at GW is very welcome to attend!

If you’re even considering a major/minor in English or Creative Writing, come out to the English department’s upcoming info session in Thurston! This program, formally titled “Why And How to Become an English Major” will be a casual Q&A with several professors and current students from the department. The program will run from 2-3pm on Friday, March 3rd in the Thurston TV lounge.
Reasons to Go:
1) There will be FREE fruit, cookies, and coffee!!
2) Yes, you can make your education (and career) revolve around reading and writing. It’s possible. And you WILL earn a salary.
3) You can stay for as long as you’d like, whether that’s 5 minutes or the full hour. So flexible!
4) You’ll learn a) what it’s like to be an English major AND b) how you actually declare that major and get involved in the department! So much information!
5) I will be there to talk about transitions from the UW program / how to incorporate writing into your academic and professional lives.
TL;DR Interested in pursuing an English or creative writing major/minor? Come to the Thurston TV lounge at 2pm on Friday, March 3rd for an informal info session w/ English department professors and students. There will be free snacks!
Reach out to first-floor RA Julia Weiss (juliaweiss@gwu.edu) with any questions. Hope to see you all there!
Take care,
Randi Gray Kristensen
Writing in the Disciplines

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