Screening Shakespeare with Professor Alexa Alice Joubin, A New Fall 2017 Course Offering

 Screening Shakespeare (ENGL 6260)

Monday, 4:10-6:00 pm
Professor Alexa Alice Joubin
Fall 2017 Semester

Shakespeare has been screened–projected on the silver screen and filtered by various ideologies—since 1899. What critical resources might we bring to the task of interpreting performances on film, television, in digital video, and as filmed theatre pieces?

This seminar examines the adaptation of Shakespeare as a historical and colonial practice, concluding with contemporary case studies. 

Theories covered include postcolonial criticism, disability studies, cultural materialism, gender theories, critical race studies, film and auteur theories, and performance theories. 

Plays and Films:

Twelfth Night (Nunn, Fickman)
Romeo and Juliet (Luhrmann, CheeK, Zeffirelli)
As You Like It (Branagh)
Coriolanus (Fiennes)
The Tempest (Taymor, Greenaway)
Richard III (Loncraine)
King Lear (Olivier, Kozintsev, Wu)
Hamlet (Almereyda, Branagh, Feng)
Macbeth (Morrissette, Kurosawa, Goold)

The Merchant of Venice (Radford, Selwyn)

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